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Benefits-Sharing in the National Parks
Environmental Impact Statement

The Benefits-Sharing Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) evaluated the environmental impacts of several different ways of managing benefits-sharing agreements (including not using benefits-sharing) in the nearly 400 units of the National Park System. Benefits-sharing, if implemented, would apply if a scientist's results from park-dependent research are commercially successful. This process included opportunity for public dialogue and comment.

The Benefits-Sharing EIS timeline:

November, 2009

Final EIS released


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Early 2010

Decision will be made

This Benefits-Sharing FEIS presents a range of alternatives and identifies a preferred alternative. Following a required 30-day period of “no action,” the National Park Service is expected to sign a “Record of Decision.” This Record of Decision will represent the conclusion of the planning process and provide the guidance for parks and researchers about their rights and responsibilities related to research conducted on park resources.

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