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Devils Postpile National Park Geologic Story

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Distribution of Volcanic Rocks of Devils Postpile and Vicinity

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Geology by DAVID W. CLOW and KENNETH R. COLLUM, 1983
Modified from N. K. HUBER and C. D. RINEHART and R. P. KOEPPEN. Base map by U.S. Geological Survey.


  • Undifferentiated surface deposits, including: pumice, stream deposits, recent organic soils.
  • Basalt of the Red Cones. Unglaciated red cinder Cones and lava flows.
  • Basalt of the Devils Postpile. Dark gray, fine-grained basalt flow, with abundant feldspar crystals.
  • Andesite of Mammoth Pass. Light gray to dark gray, fine-grained andesite, with minor feldspar and pyroxene crystals.
  • Rhyodacite of Rainbow Falls. Light gray, fine-grained rhyodacite, with minor oxyhornblende crystals. Exhibits horizontal to semi-horizontal platy weathering fractures. Some dense, black, columnar-jointed outcrops.
  • Tuff of Reds Meadow. Similar to Bishop Tuff. Buff, ash-flow rhyolite exhibiting welding of pumice with abundant quartz, feldspar, and rock fragments.
  • Basalt of The Buttresses. Dark gray basalt, with abundant olivine crystals, and minor pyroxene. Crude columnar jointing.
  • Contact, as mapped by Clow and Collum (1983).
  • Contact, volcanic units as mapped by Huber and Rinehart (1965; 1967).
  • - Monument boundary.

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