Taggart Lake trail at Grand Teton National Park
Hikers enjoying the Taggart Lake trail at Grand Teton National Park. NPS Photo/Danielle Lehle

Visitor Spending Effects

The National Park Service (NPS) manages the nation's most iconic destinations that attract millions of visitors from across the nation and around the world. Trip-related spending by NPS visitors generates and supports a considerable amount of economic activity within park gateway communities. This economic effects analysis measures how NPS visitor spending cycles through local economies, generating business sales and supporting jobs and income.

October 2013 Shutdown Report

The sixteen-day government shutdown of October 1–16, 2013, had significant effects on NPS visitation levels for the month and the resulting spending effects in gateway communities across the country. Estimates derived from the NPS Social Science Program's 2012 Visitor Spending Effects report and the NPS Visitor Use Statistics Office were used to provide an early glimpse into the effects on NPS recreation visitation and spending in the local gateway communities during the month of the shutdown.

Data are compared to previous October NPS visitation levels as well as the spending associated with parks opened with state funding before the shutdown ended on October 17, 2013.

Last Updated: July 18, 2014