Goals of the Research Expedition

The expedition is over. Everyone has gone his or her separate way. What happens now? What has the expedition done for the species? Select a circle below to learn more about how the data collected on the trip is analyzed and used to make sound management decisions.


Using the Data

The research conducted during the wildlife expeditions increases the knowledge of wildlife biologists on the species that inhabit the Grand Canyon.

In the case of the Mexican Spotted Owl research, the expedition supported the GIS-based predictive model developed by Grand Canyon National Park. The model suggests where Mexican Spotted Owls are most likely to be found.

With the field research supporting the model, and providing data to help refine the model, resource managers can now determine the best cousre of action to protect the species. They can designate protected areas, reroute trails, close areas during sensitive seasons, or plan future research trips.


Management Plans

There are a lot of different management plans that can be drafted and updated at a park. General Management Plans look at the direction the park as a whole should move through the years, Comprehensive Interpretive Plans look at the different ways of getting the message of the park out to the public, and Resource Management Plans look at the best ways of managing the park's resources without degrading those resources.

Resource Management Plan

The purpose of the Resource Management Plan (RMP) is to provide long-term guidance and direction for the stewardship of the natural, cultural and recreational resources of Grand Canyon National Park. Primary stewardship functions include management, interpretation, education, research, inventory, monitoring, mitigation, law enforcement, and maintenance. These functions are required to perpetuate natural processes, and natural and cultural resources in Grand Canyon National Park; to achieve Park purposes and management objectives; and the regulate Park use.


Into the Future

Proper planning is needed to ensure the protection of the natural habitats and wildlife, as well as allow future generations to experience the wonders, of Grand Canyon National Park. The Colorado River Management Plan is one way of planning into the future.


Colorado River Management Plan

The Colorado River management plan addresses specific issues and describes strategies for implementing actions to ensure resource protection and opportunities for visitor enjoyment along the river. Public comments are always an important step in updating the plan. Visit the web site to see photos from public scoping meetings, general river photos,and read the frequently asked questions or the newletter.


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