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Wildlife Songs

The Grand Canyon is an inspiring place. Jim Salestrom, a professional musician, was a volunteer on two of the research expeditions. After returning from the 2002 expedition, he headed to the recording studio to capture the songs he wrote about the Grand Canyon.

Listen to the excerpts of his songs. What inspired Jim to write these songs? What message is he trying to get across? What might you want to write a song about?

To learn more about Jim Salestrom and his "Grand Canyon Songs" CD, visit his website:



Murcielago where did you go
Murcielago, turn the fire way down low
Murcielago, means bat in Espanol
Murcielago, it’s all about your home

Murcielago where did you go
Murcielago, turn the fire way down low
Murcielago, means bat in Espanol
Murcielago, it’s all about your home

And your home is where it’s cool in a cave
And it’s dark. You’re just waiting for the shade
And you come out late and sip from a pool
And your radar/sonar helps you find your way that’s very cool

Murcielago, where did you go
Murcielago, turn the fire down low
Murcielago, means bat in Espanol
Murcielago, it’s all about your home

The Red, the Spotted and the Mastiff,
The Pips because they’re tiny,
they never sang for Gladys
The Free Tails and the Miotis are just a few
And as bats when you are hungry
you grab another bug

Murcielago, where did you go ...


The Otter Song

Well they otter be here,
but it seems they slipped away
Otters used to live here, on the Colorado River
Wouldn’t it be grand, it’d be Mother Nature’s way
A little otter heaven, in God’s Grand Canyon

They’re cute little otters, with mischievous ways
they love to make their dinner, of the fish fillets
but the Humpback Chub, ain’t their favorite grub
they’re looking for a Rainbow, on a sunny day


He’s got a wildlife job, and his name is Tom
He’s always looking in the water,
he doesn’t see them but he otter
He comes from way back east,
where they are thick as thieves
He likes playing in the water, and looking for otter


And it’s just like a circle, with no beginning or end
And if we have to start all over, they’ll be here again
So come around full circle, before any dams
And think about the otter, in the Grand Canyon lands

(Chorus) ...


The Owl Song

From the beginning of time,
we have thought them to be wise
They can see so much better,
when there’s no light in the evening
With those great big eyes

As the world gets smaller, it’s no big surprise
The owls in the canyon, need some help for mankind
If they’re to stay alive

Hoot Hoot Hoot ...

The Mexican Spotted, and the Little Bitty Pygmy
The Long Eared, and the Short Eared
The Great Horned, Flamulated,
are some names of owls

And they search at night, for prey like mice
And they have these special feathers,
that lock and come together
And they come gliding by so quiet

Hoot Hoot Hoot ...


Raul the Raven

I come to visit each campsite
I come to see that you’re all right
I come to steal what you might like
Raul a Raven in the night

I drop on in when you’re asleep
I help myself to something sweet
I'm looking for a snack to eat
Raul a Raven in the night

Thank-you please…. I’m sneaking up on you
But you can’t see me…
I’m just a scavenger but I’ve got needs….
And you will never know…it’s me...(squawk)

I’m dark and handsome in the sky
I’m not an ordinary guy
You can float but I can fly
Raul a Raven in the night

Crunchy Cheetos… that you were saving
5 pound cheese logs that I was craving
Cold fajitas and warm burritos too
I’m hungry how bout’ you?




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