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The half-mile trail to the Lower Cliff Dwelling climbs 350 vertical feet through the Sonoran Desert. Brutal heat in summer, hard frosts in winter, strong shriveling winds in spring, and always erratic rainfall combine to make the desert a sometimes harsh environment. As you “tour” the trail and dwelling, imagine breathing the fragrant dry air of the desert and listening to the silence. Think about the lives of the people who lived here so many years ago.

Start the tour by learning about who the Salado were. To begin the tour, select a number from the map or make a selection from the choices below.

Who Were the Salado?
Foothill Palo Verde
Soil Makers
Flat Top Buckwheat
The Ancient Scene
Grasses, Grazing, and Erosion

Banana Yucca
Teddy Bear Cholla
Natural Cement
Formation of the Cave
Salado Architecture
Pieces of the Past
The Original Entry
Why Did They Leave?
Lower Cliff Dwelling

Stop #1 - Who Were the Salado?
Stop #2 - Foothill Palo Verde
Stop #3 - Wolfberry
Stop #4 - Soil Makers
Stop #5 - Ocotillo
Stop #6 - Flat Top Buckwheat
Stop #7 - The Ancient Scene
Stop #8 - Brittlebush
Stop #9 - Grasses, Grazing and Erosion
Stop #10 - Jojoba
Stop #11 - Banana Yucca
Stop #12 - Teddy Bear Cholla
Stop #13 - The Southwest's Natural Cement
Stop #14 - The Past Belongs to the Future, But Only the Present Can Preserve It
Stop #15 - Formation of the Cave
Stop #16 - Salado Architecture
Stop #17 - Pieces of the Past
Stop #18 - The Original Entry
Stop #19 - Why Did They Leave?
Stop #20 - Lower Cliff Dwelling