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Enjoy this rare opportunity to "hike" to the Upper Cliff Dwelling. About 80,000 people visit Tonto National Monument each year. About 1600 of those visitors participate in the guided hike to the Upper Cliff Dwelling (UCD). Approximately 5% of all visitors, since the park’s beginning, journeyed to the UCD. Physical limitations prevent some from climbing the 600 feet during the 1.5 miles (3 miles round-trip). Others arrive May through October when high summer temperatures put a stop to UCD hikes. Many are not aware of the need to make reservations for the small group hikes.

Those visiting the desert more than once experience the changes -- season by season, year by year, green and lush, dry and hot. This virtual hike portrays some of the desert’s varied scenes. With QuickTime installed and mouse in hand, explore some of the 360° images. Most of all, enjoy!

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Springs, Seeps, and Tinajas
Riparian Communities
Among the Saguaros
Plant Fibers
Desert Wildfires
Cave Canyon Watershed
Location, Location, Location
Upper Cliff Dwelling
Stop #1 - Introduction
Stop #2 - Micro-environments
Stop #3 - Water
Stop #4 - Springs, Seeps, and Tinajas
Stop #5 - Riparian Communities
Stop #6 - Mesquite
Stop #7 - Geology
Stop #8 - Among the Saguaros
Stop #9 - Plant Fibers
Stop #10 - Desert Wildfires
Stop #11 - Cave Canyon Watershed
Stop #12 - Wildflowers
Stop #13 - Location, Location, Location
Stop #14 - Upper Cliff Dwelling Floor Plan